Alloy Lock Tee bars - Flat,Alloy lock,FUT,Black lined,Grooved T Grid,Wal

Alloy Lock Tee bars, samples, 2.nomal height:32H/38H, 3.High strength/Rust resist - details see: //
Type: Ceiling Grid ComponentsPlace of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name: JKSTARModel Number: Flat,Alloy lock,FUT,Black lined,Grooved T Grid,Wall Angle
Ceiling Tile Shape: GridSurface Treatment: Roll CoatedCertificate: ISO9001Function: Fireproof, Waterproof
Ceiling Tile Type: Metal CeilingsFeature: Perforated CeilingsMetal Ceiling Material: Galvanised Steel 
Alloy Lock Tee bars
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Alloy Lock Tee bars

We are chinese famous factory and export trading company of Ceiling T Grid,Studs and tracksfor almost 20 years .Good quality and competitive prices are always our advantage.

Ceiling T Bar: The main ceiling suspending material to fix Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles and PVC Gypsum Ceiling Board,etc.


White Flat T Grid

Golden Flat T Grid

Size weight(kg)

MAIN RUNNER24×32×3600×0.26mm0.806
MAIN RUNNER24×38×3600×0.26mm0.894
CROSS TEE24×26×1200×0.26mm0.236
CROSS TEE24×26×600×0.26mm0.118
MAIN RUNNER24×38×3600×0.30mm1.01
MAIN RUNNER24×32×3600×0.30mm0.908
MAIN RUNNER24×30×3600×0.30mm0.883
CROSS TEE24×26×1200×0.30mm0.266
CROSS TEE24×26×600×0.30mm0.133

Narrow Flat T Grid

Size(narrow plain) weight(kg)

MAIN RUNNER15×32×3600×0.26mm0.71
MAIN RUNNER15×32×3600×0.30mm0.801
MAIN RUNNER15×38×3600×0.26mm0.814
MAIN RUNNER15×38×3600×0.30mm0.92
CROSS TEE15×32×1200×0.26mm0.237
CROSS TEE15×32×1200×0.30mm0.267
CROSS TEE15×38×1200×0.26mm0.271
CROSS TEE15×38×1200×0.30mm0.307
CROSS TEE15×32×600×0.26mm0.119
CROSS TEE15×32×600×0.30mm0.134
CROSS TEE15×38×600×0.26mm0.136
CROSS TEE15×38×600×0.30mm0.154

FUT T Grid

Size weight(kg)

MAIN RUNNER24×32×3600×0.26mm(FUT)0.916
MAIN RUNNER24×32×3600×0.30mm(FUT)0.908
MAIN RUNNER24×38×3600×0.26mm(FUT)0.916
MAIN RUNNER24×38×3600×0.30mm(FUT)1.017
CROSS TEE24×32×1200×0.26mm(FUT)0.275
CROSS TEE24×32×1200×0.30mm(FUT)0.305
CROSS TEE24×38×1200×0.26mm(FUT)0.305
CROSS TEE24×38×1200×0.30mm(FUT)0.339
CROSS TEE24×32×600×0.26mm(FUT)0.137
CROSS TEE24×32×600×0.30mm(FUT)0.153
CROSS TEE24×38×600×0.26mm(FUT)0.153
CROSS TEE24×38×600×0.30mm(FUT)0.169

Black Lined T Grid

Size weight(kg)

MAIN RUNNER15×32×3600×0.30mm0.817
MAIN RUNNER24×32×3600×0.30mm0.877
CROSS TEE15×32×1200×0.30mm0.272
CROSS TEE24×32×1200×0.30mm0.292
CROSS TEE15×32×600×0.30mm0.136
CROSS TEE24×32×600×0.30mm0.146

Grooved T Grid

Size weight(kg)

MAIN RUNNER15×32×3600×0.30mm0.831
MAIN RUNNER15×38×3600×0.30mm0.9
MAIN RUNNER15×38×3600×0.40mm1.198
MAIN RUNNER15×42×3600×0.30mm0.967
MAIN RUNNER15×42×3600×0.40mm1.289
CROSS TEE15×32×1200×0.30mm0.277
CROSS TEE15×38×1200×0.30mm0.3
CROSS TEE15×38×1200×0.40mm0.399
CROSS TEE15×42×1200×0.30mm0.322
CROSS TEE15×42×1200×0.40mm0.43
CROSS TEE15×32×600×0.30mm0.138
CROSS TEE15×38×600×0.30mm0.15
CROSS TEE15×38×600×0.40mm0.2
CROSS TEE15×42×600×0.30mm0.161
CROSS TEE15×42×600×0.40mm0.215

Production process:

Packaging Detail:Main Tee : 25pcs/CTN Short Cross Tee: 75pcs/CTN. Long Cross Tee: 50pcs/CTN. Wall Angle: 50pcs/CTN
Delivery Detail:10days after receive the deposit

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