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Building Supplies Business is a business platform for gates, fireplaces, Stoves, flooring, faucets, mixers & taps, decoration supplies, building Glass, bathroom, tiles, ceilings, doors & windows.

Product Range: gates,fireplaces,stoves,flooring,faucets,building glass,bathroom,ceilings,doors,windows,tiles

Product Categories
KPS Sheep Wool Decorative Acoustic Wall Panel
1. made of natural sheep wool
2. NRC is bigger than 0.85
3.Eco-friendly:no formaldehyde and other VOCs
4. Thickness: 25m
China pu foam absorbent sponge material
China pu foam absorbent sponge material
1.Soft texture and hand feel
2.High resilience
3.better sound insulation
Decorative mdf interior wall panel
2)Low maintenance costs,easy installation
3)environment protection;
4)Nice noise reduction effect
sound proof fabric acoustic wall panel acoustic ceiling products acoustic wall panel
1.NRC higher than 0.8
3.Different color to choose
sound proof fabric acoustic wall panel
acoustic diffuser
1.Excellent sound absorption performance
2.B1 grade fireproof
4.Decorative, high-quality
perforated acoustic boards
perforated acoustic boards
1.Eco-friendly E1
2.High sound absorption coefficient
3.Fire resistant