Good Quality Fireproof Interiror Decorating Wall Panels

1.Fireproof class: A, hardness:3H-6H, 2.Certification ISO9001-2008, 3.Colorful designs, 4.Wearable UV coating, 5.Eco-friendly - details see:
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: FeifanUsage: IndoorFunction: Anti-Static,Antibacterial,Fireproof,Mould-Proof
Use:: Wall and ceiling decorationFireprotection class:: A classSurface finish:: Wearable UV coatingMain advantages:: Fire and water proof
Asbestos or Non:: All free of asbestos   
Good Quality Fireproof Interiror Decorating Wall Panels
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Good Quality Fireproof board


Fire and water proof, hardness: 3H-6H;

Colorful designs; Wearable UV coating;

Bacteria-anti, Eco-friendly;

All free of asbestos

Indoor and outdoor wall decoration use: calcium silicate board, cement board, Magnesium oxide board as substrate board.

Product Structure

Product Advantages

Product Information


1. ( The patent No.: 200420083301.7)

2. Pattern and deisgn--with texture of marble, wood, aluminium plastic board or design of intelligent personality

3. Hazard substance free--100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous substances and without radiation;

4. Application--fire and water proof, light and hard, can be used and replaced natural marble, MDF, wooden plate, ceramic facing tile and aluminum plastic plate ect. On the outer wall decoratings in tunnel, subway, airport, marketplace, hospital, office, kitchen, bathroom, lab etc.;

6. Market: Have been sold to many large and medium cities of domestic and overseas of Japan, European, Australia etc.


Surface protective layers---formed of water proof layer, color pattern layer and protective layer, processed by world leading special treatment technics; UV protective layer, with characteristics of durability, mildew proof, germ-anti; Easy cleaning; Hardness: 3H-6H

Basic material layer(substrate boards)-- fibre reinforced calcium silicate board,fibre reinforced cement board,glass fibre magnesium oxide board


Marble texture---models: FDB-301 to 509
Wood texture---models: FM-201 to 221
Solid color---models: FS-101 to 152
Metal-like color---models: FJ-801 to 817
colourful drawing series:FC-001 to FC-032

Basic materials/ substrate board
Fibre reinforced calcium silicate board

Firbre reinforced cement board
Glass fibre magnesium oxide board910x2400x3~18(mm)

FS series: 1220x2440mm

Packing Process

Project Samples

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Packaging Detail:Wooden pallet(fumigated or not)
Delivery Detail:15~25 working days, depending to the exsisting production tasks

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