Anti-explosion Aluminum foam sandwich panel - 1200*600

Anti-explosion Aluminum foam panel, 1. Ultra-light, 2. Noise absorption, energy absorption, 3. Fire poof, 4. Eco-friendly - details see:
Place of Origin: Shanxi China (Mainland)Brand Name: FoamtechModel Number: 1200*600Usage: Outdoor
Function: FireproofSurface Treatment: OtherDensity: 0.2~0.4 g/ m³AcoustabsorptionCoefficient: NRC 0.70
Compressive strength: 1.5~2.0 MPa   
Anti-explosion Aluminum foam sandwich panel
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Aluminum foam sandwich panel

The high strength panel is new product attaching aluminum foam(core)

with heterogeneity material such as aluminum panel, stainless steel,

prepreg, fiber,etc.

<steel skin with Aluminum foam core>


1. Nonflammability- Both skin material and core are not flammable and

not be burned down total destruction by fire.

2. Light weight- Comparing similar metal material, aluminum foam has

lighter weight. It will reduce construction fee by reducing load.

3. Noise blocking- The core, aluminum foam has excellent acoustic

absorbent material can block noise.

4. Insulating function: Due to the multi-porous aluminum foam, the

product has excellent heat blocking effectiveness.

5. Outstanding mechanical property

<Comparing single structure panel, the product has better

mechanical solidity.>

<Due to the unique surface of aluminum foam, it has wider

adhesive surface with skin material and better durability than

other sandwich panels.>

6. Easy to process including cutting, penetrating, attaching and



100% recyclable


The product uses aluminum foam as core material and other skins. The

adhesive material is alternative according to use and it can be produced

by thermoplastic or thermosetting.


1. Thickness: 6~200mm

2. Length: standard 2,400mm(max. 4,000mm)

3. Width: standard 1,200mm(max. 1,300mm)


1. Interior material for transportation vehicles including railroad,

subway train, cruise and high-end yacht

2. Anti-explosion door

3. Elevator

4. Noise reduction and Anti-explosion enclosure for factory and plant facility

5.Enclosure for Military facilities (control tower, aviation shed, ammunition

depot, etc)

6. Enclosure for National main SOC facilities, nuclear power plant, etc

Packaging Detail:wooden case with shrink film
Delivery Detail:within 10 days

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