Aluminium Honeycomb Panel - JM-AHP

1.High strength, 2.Low weight, 3.Acoustical insulation, 5.Excellent heat proof, 6.Good surface flatness Good weather ability - details see:
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: Jay&MinModel Number: JM-AHPUsage: Outdoor
Function: Anti-Static,Antibacterial,Fireproof,Mould-ProofSurface Treatment: Brushed,Mirror,PE Coated,PVDF Coated  
Aluminium Honeycomb Panel
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Aluminum honeycomb panel were born for Aviatic applications in the beginning, and they have been widely acknowledged for their unique stiffness-to-weight-ratio.JAY&MINfactory has succeeded in bringing it into commercial application.

JAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel is made of aluminum alloy plate coated with Kynar 500 PVDF Fluorocarbon paint as the surface on face plate, while in the middle is the aluminum honeycomb core which meets the international aeronautical standards.JAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel is specially made with the cold-glue and hot-press technology with advanced and automated machine, which makes our honeycomb panel stickier, more bending resistant, straighter, and thus steadier and more reliable in quality. All kinds of alloyed honeycomb panels, such as curl panels, folded panels and trapezoidal panels can be fabricated according to the requirements of architectural design. The honeycomb panel is blessed with high wind pressure, shock resistance, sound-insulated, heat insulation, flame-resistance, light weight and other advantages, and is significantly more than aluminum composite panel and aluminum sheets in building material.


1. Light weight, High intensity, High rigidity, Steady structure and High wind-resistance performance.

2. Flat and Straight in vision and Diverse in color, Elegant and Bright.

3. Excellent performance in Sound insulation, Heat insulation, Fireproof and quakeproof.

4. Fine decoration effect, Easy and rapid installation.


1, Building curtain wall

2, Interior decoration

3, Ship construction

4, Aviation manufacturing

5, Signboard

6, Interior dividers and exhibition stand

7, Modern furniture industry

8, Body of transport vehicle and truck

Excellent Strength and Flatness

Hexagonal honeycomb core is synonymous with international aeronautical firm. Tens of thousands of hexagonal closely together to make theJAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel with aluminum sheets. The unique Honeycomb structure features many interconnecting shapes creating a very strong panel, resistant to adverse weather conditions and other pressures.

Light Weight

The weight ofJAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel is only One-fifth of aluminum panel and One-tenth of steel panel with same rigidity performance. Unlike other composite panels featuring a solid core, the Honeycomb structure in our panel dramatically reduces the weight of the finished product.

Fire Retardant

Each honeycomb core is fully separated from each other, which can stop the air-flow as well the heat wave.JAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel has good performance in warm reservation heat insulation and fire proof.

Insulating and Sound Proof

The Honeycomb structure absorbs sound well and can be used in sound damping and sound proofing applications. The structure will also act as an insulating material.

Environmental and Completely Recyclable

JAY&MINAluminum honeycomb panel doesn’t contain any toxic substance, and no radiation, which is a very important property for the home decoration or furniture, in order to achieve a healthy environment. Even if it's usage, almost all of the materials can be recycled, thus effectively protecting the environment.

Packaging Detail:Wooden Box
Delivery Detail:10-25days

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