Yuanda Composite Slab (Truss with concrete)

The combination of truss&concrete;, To reduce the steel bar binding work;, To save the energy & protect the environment. - details see: https://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/yuanda-composite-slab-truss-with-concrete-10088657
Place of origin: Jiangsu,China(Mailnland)Brand name: YuandaMaterial: Steel Bar & ConcreteColor: Metal&Concrete
Steel Bar Type: HRB400,HRBF400,HPB300Concrete: C30  
Yuanda Composite Slab (Truss with concrete)
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General Introduction

The composite slab is the combination of reinforcing steel bar truss and concrete.

The steel bar is processed massively into truss in the workshop, then the truss is embeded into the wet concrete.

We have imported the automatic production line from German,thus our products also meet the related high quality standard.


Lower consumption of energy&resources,to reduce the pollution;

Better the quality of products,to improve the performance and guarantee the safety;

Accelerate the construction process,to shorten the time;

Application Area

The composite slab can be widely used as the roofingg in many fields like commercial and residential buildings, where the seismic fortification intensity is within 8.

Precast Concrete Elements (PC) VSTraditional Building Mode

Diversified Design:

PC:Flexible partition of room according to the customer.

Traditional Building Mode:With many bearing walls

Modern Function

PC:Energy-saving, sound insulation,fire resisting,anti-earthquake etc.

Traditional Building Mode:only basic conditions like power and water.

Assembly Construction

PC:Simple foundation, short time, lower labour&energy cost, environmental protection.

Traditional Building Mode: large waste of energy,high cost,heavy pollution etc.


Slab Thickness(mm)120,130,140
Height of Truss(mm)50-340
Thickness of Precast Concrete(mm)50-60
Distance between truss(mm)A:188; B:200
Top&Bottom Chord Bar Diameter(mm)6-12
Brace Bar Diameter(mm)4-8
Horizontal Bar(mm)10/12
Vertical Bar(mm)12/14
Strength Grade of ConcreteC30

Packaging Detail:possible packaging.Eg, container
Delivery Detail:30 days upon deposit

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