who buy cement/concrete additive is Micro sio2 dust /silica fume - SF85-SF96

Micro-silica fume, also known as silicaSio2 dust,or said cohesion silica fume , is cement/concrete additive - details see: http://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/who-buy-cement-concrete-additive-is-micro-sio2-dust-silica-fume-10082363
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name: tianzhenModel Number: SF85-SF96color: GREY or GREY-white
specific surface area: 15 -27 m2/gexistence form: Superfine of amorphous ( non-crystalline ) powderActivity indicators: ≥85%concrete strength: Increased strength 10-30%
concrete flexural strength: Increased more than 10%Concrete Density: The impermeability to improve 5-18 timesChemical resistance: Increased more than 4 timesAbrasion resistant: Increased 0.25-2.5 times
Material: sio2   
who buy cement/concrete additive is Micro sio2 dust /silica fume
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cement/concrete additive is Microsilica fume 85-96% silicon dust

1. Instruction ofMicro-silica fume

  • Micro silica fume ,also known as silica dust or said cohesion silica fume, Ferroalloy smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon ( silicon metal ) , mining thermoelectric furnace to produce a large number of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas , gas emissions and air rapid oxidation condensation precipitate formed .

2. Main use Scope of Micro-silica fume

  • cement mortar
  • commercial concrete ,
  • high strength concrete ,
  • self-leveling concrete,
  • monolithic refractories ,
  • dry-mixed mortar ,
  • high strength non-shrink grout ( ready-mixed ) ,
  • wear-resistant industrial flooring ,
  • repair mortars, polymer mortar ,
  • insulation mortar ,
  • impermeability of concrete ,
  • concrete compacting agent ,
  • concrete preservatives ,
  • cement concrete additive admixture
  • cement-based polymer waterproofing agent ;
  • rubber ,
  • plastic ,
  • unsaturated polyester ,
  • paints ,
  • coatings and other polymer materials reinforced ceramics modified and so on.

Our silica fume(silica dust) not only supply to China Domestic. and exported to Many countries like:United States, Germany, Australia, Pakistan , Asia Gulf States etc, and the scale is still expanding,Our company is willing to take a sincere attitude and cooperation with you.

3.Specifications of Micro-silica fume

TYPESi02%Al2O3%Fe2O3%CaO+MgO%(L.O.I) @ 975°CH2O%Percent Retained

On 45μm (325 sieve)

Bulk Density kg/m3
Lytz- SF96≥96≤0.5≤0.3≤1≤1≤1≤1250-350kg/m3 ,


Lytz- SF93≥93≤0.7≤0.3≤1≤2≤2≤1250-350kg/m3 ,


Lytz- SF92≥92≤1.0≤1.0≤1.5≤2≤2≤2250-350kg/m3 ,


Lytz- SF90≥90≤1.5≤2.0≤2.0≤2≤2≤2200-350kg/m3

and 500-800kg/m3

Lytz- SF88≥88≤3≤3≤2


and 500-800kg/m3


Any questions please kindly let me know, Tony Chen will always here to help you.

Packaging Detail:In jumbo bags of 900kg/bag or 300-500kg/bag,20kg or 50kg/bag .or as customer's requirements.
Delivery Detail:within 7days after order

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