Waterproof tile backer board - JIT-TBB

1. Waterproof and insulating XPS, 2. Easy to cut and assemble, 3. Wet room, shower room, 4. Ready to tile, 5. ISO certificated - details see: http://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/waterproof-tile-backer-board-10028929
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: JITModel Number: JIT-TBBType: Other
Usage: waterproofing and insulationMain area: wetroom bathroom kitchenCore: XPS insulation boardCoating: cement&fiberglass mesh
Thermal conductivity: 0.030 W(m.k)Density: 36kg/CBMCompressive strength: min.300KPa 
Waterproof tile backer board
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Insulation & waterproofing solutions - JIT board

Product name

JIT board (also known as construction board, tile backer board, insulation backer board ,waterproof backer board ,wet room backer board)

Product structure

JIT boards are made of highperformance waterproof extruded polystyrene,it has a 0.75mm coating on either side comprising a glass fibre mesh embedded in a polymer-cement motar.

Outstanding characteristics

Both insulation and waterproof

Product appearance

The boards have straight edges,The color of the surface is grey,and the core material is light blue

Working temperature range

50 to +80OC

Standard dimensions and weight

Thickness(mm)Weight(kg/m²)Length by width(mm*mm)
62,71220 x 600
102,91220 x 600
123,02440 x 600
203,12440 x 600
303,32440 x 600
504,22440 x 600

The board has the following tolerances:thickness:± 2mm width:± 2mm length:± 3mm

Reaction to fire

The boards are classified as class E according to EN 13501-1. When the boards are covered with tiles, their fire performance should comply with local construction laws and regulations.

Effect on indoor environment

JIT board has been assessed as not emitting any particles, gases or radiation that may have a negative effect on the indoor climate or to have any significant effect on health.

Environmental declaration

The product does not contain any substances on the observation list of dangerous substances published by the national environmental authorities.

Main applications

Used as a watertight layer on walls and floors in houses, hotels and other wet areas such as bathroom, shower room.

Other applications

Other places to be insulated and waterproofed.


1. as a watertight layer on walls and floors in wet rooms and bathrooms.

2. as an insulation layer in under floor heating to avoid heat loss.

3. as partition walls in wood or steel frames.

4. substitute for gypsum board and fiber cement board; insulation and waterproofing; lighter so that more easily to install.

5. As enclosures for bathtubs, water pipes, etc.

6,Can very easily and fast formed to be small shelves, washbasins, shower benches and soap boxes.

7. Combining with JIT curved/shapeable boards, kinds of decorative models can be made with your infinite creativity.


Choose a way to fix JIT boards according to the substrate to be fixed to. Normally, using modified tile adhesive for solid concrete wall/floor and strengthened by mechanical fixings when necessary while only using mechanical fixings for wood and steel frames.


1. Dry areas: reinforce all joints between boards, floors and walls by 5cm or 10cm wide self-adhesive tape.

2. Wet areas: reinforce by suitable waterproof tape.

Waterproof strengthen

1. Strengthening all joints between boards, floors, walls and mechanical fixings placements by suitable waterproof tape.

2. Strengthening joints between walls, outside corners and inside corners by special corners.

3. Sealing pipe holes with special waterproof tape.

4. Strengthening once again by waterproof glue, liquid tanking membrane, tanking membrane paint, etc. when necessary.

Coating of panels

Should always be covered by ceramic tiles, mosaics or other equivalent non-fireproof materials after installation.

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