Titan Bidet Sprayer - BSS-001

Titan is our no.1 best selling bidet sprayer. Titan is sleek with stainless steel construction for supreme reliability - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/titan-bidet-sprayer-10012519
Place of Origin: Bangkok ThailandBrand Name: The Bum GunModel Number: BSS-001Installation Type: Wall Mounted
Spary Type: Horizontal   
Titan Bidet Sprayer
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Titan is our no.1 best selling bidet sprayer. Titan is sleek with stainless steel construction for supreme reliability.

The body of each Bum Gun has an elegant matt satin finish of smooth stainless steel with longer durability, and long rust resistance. This is the most notably difference between ourbidet sprayers and the regular chrome coatedbidet sprayers on the market. We also use stainless steel grade 304 for all flexible hoses and triggers in our full range.

Our stainless steel bidet sprayers are fantastic for commercial bathrooms, especially in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Also hugely popular in care homes, and educational institutes.

The Titan Bum Gunbidet sprayer can last for years if you care for it well.


The Bum Gun®100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee

Your success in using the powerful, life changing bidet sprayer byThe Bum Gun®is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my ...

100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

If you aren't 100% satisfied withThe Bum Gun® bidet sprayer after 60 days - I don't expect...or want...to keep your money. Simply send off a quick email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full. That means you can't lose no matter what!

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try outThe Bum Gun® at my risk, while you see if it works for you or not. And you can have all your family try it and I promise you they will have never used something so amazing in the bathroom. And if it doesn’t produce the best ever comfort and cleanliness, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliverThe Bum Gun® to you is entirely on me. IfThe Bum Gun® doesn't produce immediate comfort and cleanliness then I'm the loser, not you. Simply return, and get your money back.

Look at it this way -- the price of The Bum Gun is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to waste on ineffective, bacteria spreading and often painful toilet paper in the year ahead.

That's why...

That is the same as £0.66 ($1.05) per month if the bidet sprayer only lasted you 5 years!!

You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest InThe Bum Gun®!

It's easy to install and get started right away. You can view our Installation Video on Youtube.

Get ready to amaze yourself, your customers, your patients or clients. Be the first to upgrade to one of the simplest, but most effective bathroom devices to become available in the last few years. You will be referring friend after friend once you understand the powerful and amazing difference between rubbing around a tissue or getting properly clean after using the toilet, each and every time.

You’ll be wondering very quickly how you ever put up with nasty toilet paper for so long!!

Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

P.S.Just think! You'll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of finding out someone has taken the last bit of toilet paper ever again!! This benefit alone is worth the price of one bidet sprayer. Or keep paying big bucks EVERY MONTH for the next supply of abrasive toilet paper. So time to start changing your life and your business forever.

You can’t say simpler than that ...


The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer

ATTENTION:Do you often get that unpleasant feeling knowing you have just smeared around with toilet paper, and know you are not 100% clean but still pull up your pants and have to make do? Are you ready to finally take control of your own health and finally solve your hygiene problems in your own way? If so, then keep reading to learn how you can finally begin managing your hygiene needs forever on your own terms…

Are You Sick and Tired of Knowing You Are NOT Properly Clean After Every Bathroom Visit?

Do You Want a


To That Itchy Butt, Less Than Shower Fresh Clean For Good?

Millions of people suffer from poor bathroom hygiene every day, suffering in silence. We sometimes try to use wet wipes to minimize mess, but find that even wet wipes don’t get us properly, “shower fresh clean”, and also that they are not always available. And that sign saying “Don’t Flush Wet Wipes” puts us off even more. It seems we have temporary, semi solutions to our hygiene needs, but nothing permanent, nothing gets us properly clean, EVERY TIME!!

Until Now!!

Having a less than perfectly clean bottom can often make you feel nasty. It’s itchy. Toilet Paper can be very painful.

This makes it difficult for you to live a normal life.

Instead of going outside and doing the activities you love with a carefree buzz in your step attitude, you have to deal with discomfort, pain and low-ebb feeling, hoping it will just go away.

It’s just not fair.

What you need is a way to get clean, properly clean after EVERY bathroom visit.

You need something which is cheap, simple to install, and even simpler to use. Something which will not only help you break free of your current hygiene issues, but also be a long term solution.

You need something that works with you, your lifestyle, your family, and your job.

You need something that will successfully help you manage your hygiene issues on your own terms, so you never have to deal with embarrassing odour, stains or sick days.

You need something that fits you, and you need it now.

3-Step Solution to Ensure PERMANENT Hygiene Results

Step 1: Become INFORMED about the benefits of The Bum Gun!

Step 2: Know how to order The Bum Gun simply

Step 3: Install The Bum Gun and Live a Carefree life again!

Packaging Detail:Bubble wrapped and strong cardboard boxes
Delivery Detail:7 days

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