taiwan roller shutter motor - TCA-800 L

1.Using high-performance motors, 2.a manual switch devices, 3.with original patent braking systems, 4.strict quality control - details see: http://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/taiwan-roller-shutter-motor-10050069
Type: Other Door & Window AccessoriesPlace of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: TCModel Number: TCA-800 L
rolling door motor: rolling door motor   
taiwan roller shutter motor
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Kunshan Tian Cheng electrical engineering Co; Ltd.

Specification and parameter of rolling door motors

MODELVoltagefrequencypowercurrentRotationLift capacityChain
TCA 300220V/380V50 / 60HZ230W3.3A6.2300KG10A
TCA 500220V/380V50 / 60HZ250W3.9A6.2500KG10A
TCA 600220V/380V50 / 60HZ370W3.9A6.2600KG10A
TCA800220V/380V50 / 60HZ400W4.5A3.4800KG10A
TCA800L220V/380V50 / 60HZ400W3.5A3.9800KG10A
TCA1000220V/380V50 / 60HZ750W3.5A3.91000KG12A
TCA1500220V/380V50 / 60HZ800W2.8A31500KG16A

1.Using high-performance motors

Motors was installed sensors of the protection device,when the motor temperature is over 100 degree,it automatically cut off power,it immediate supply to the cessation of operation of motor,when temperature down to 70degree.the motor will automatically recover operation.To protect motor is not to be burned,high-safe. running lower than usual,smooth running with static and stability,Generating vibration frequency voice was relatively lower.In small and light,construction convenient,saving artificial.

2. strict quality control

reducer device use 2paragraph spiral gear,All special steel gear are used ,then through heat treatment and testing hardness of gear at any time,before out of factory,each motor are through electric integrated test bed,strict inspection to comply with the first-class products and standards with the requirements of national .

3. original patent braking systems

exclusive double-sided braking systems design, double braking force can be produced .in the brake apparatus with a special high-coil Block respectively were put on activities brakes, brakes, fixed brake pads, and the U-shaped ring. At the end of spring withstood brake activities around the surface of activities brake, and the brakes could be sliding along the axis of the motors, not because of brake pads wear affect braking force.

4. a manual switch devices

power-cut or emergency, the light drop pull rod, roll door dropped to required location of door smoothly and automatically.

Packaging Detail:In carton
Delivery Detail:within 30days after receipt the final subscription

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