Solar Control Window Film

Our Product Covers Wide Range From: 1ply Glue tinted Film, 2 ply Glue Tinted Film, Dyed Film, IR Film, Sputter IR Films - details see:
Type: Other Door & Window AccessoriesPlace of Origin: Kuala Lumpur MalaysiaBrand Name: Sahara-X 
Solar Control Window Film
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Film TypesModel NameVisible Light Transmittance (%)Infrared Rejection @ 1000nm (%)
1ply 1mil glue filmS-BK 05510
1ply 1mil glue filmS-BK 202010
1ply 1mil glue filmS-BK 353510
1ply 1mil glue filmS-BK505010
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR65996599
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR45994599
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR35993599
nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR20992099
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR05990599
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR7092 Blue7083
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR7090 Gold7085
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR 48904583
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR85707863
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR75807575
Nano Ceramic Dyed IR FilmIR50905092
High Definition Dyed IR FilmSteel Black 50765070
High Definition Dyed IR FilmCarbon Black 30703070
High Definition Dyed IR FilmRed Blue 50755070
High Definition Dyed IR FilmBlue 50725070
High Definition Dyed IR FilmSlate Gray 50705070
High Definition Dyed IR FilmCarbon Black 35753570
High Definitionb Dyed IR FilmBronze 50815080
High Definition Dyed IR FilmBlack 35853580
High Definition Dyed IR FilmBlack 50855080
High Definition Dyed IR FilmGrey 58805880
High Definition Dyed FilmThistle 505840
High Definition Dyed FilmYellow 404065
High Definition Dyed FilmBlue Green 303565
High Definition Dyed FilmBlue Red 303565
High Definition Dyed FilmBronze 303070
High Definition Dyed FilmDeluxe Green 303070
High Definition Dyed FilmLime Green 505840
High Definition Dyed FilmCharcoal 50A4545
High Definition Dyed FilmCharcoal 35C3650
High Definition Dyed FilmBlack 35B3560
High Definition Dyed FilmBlack 45A4245
Sputter IR FilmsSSL9996699
Sputter IR FilmsSL9996599
Sputter IR Films6093 Green6093
Sputter IR Films7097 Grey7091
Sputter IR Films5595 Blue4594
Sputter IR Films60 Grey4561
Sputter IR Films6385 Green5981
Sputter FilmsPlatinum 353550
Sputter FilmsElegant 353550
Sputter FilmsTimeless 353550
1ply 1mil Dyed FilmsMany Color5,20,35,50 and 70~
2ply 2mil Dyed FilmsMany Colors5,20, 35, 50 and 70~
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Packaging Detail:Standard size box packing, OEM packing
Delivery Detail:15 Days Upon Confirmation Of Order

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