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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: RefreWash  
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What is refrewash?

- Refrewash it is a protable bidet that can be used anywhere anytime. It is a unique device that can travel with you. The features include a chamber that you can fill in with water and press a button to squirt water for washing delicate area.

For Daily use:

- Refrewash work gently on skin allowing you to clean delicate areas with no skin friction. No more harsh toilet paper and cleanliness on the go.

For Baby Use:

- Babies like their butt clean! RefreWash, It's a gentle water pressure enables quick and thorough cleaning. No irritation no need to worry about cleaning afterwards, as the water van absorbed on diapers.

For Travel & out of home use:

- RefreWash is compact and easy to carry around anywhere you go. Having to deal with various bathroom qualities can be stressful during travel. You can enjoy a comfortable trip with RefreWash.

For Women's care:

-RefreWash provides the best solution for women's delicate area care. It helps to deodorize women's delicate area and keep it clean during period at office, school or anywhere.

For elderly people and Nursing care use:

-RefreWash can be easily used to clean the delicate area of elderly people who require nursing-care. It makes diaper change less stressful. It helps keep delicate areas clean, even when taking a daily shower or bath is difficult.

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