RD polyurethane faux stone balustrade and handrail - RD-Z002

Lightweight, Easy to install, Weatherproof,impervious to insets, Green building product, Largest selection - details see: https://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/rd-polyurethane-faux-stone-balustrade-and-handrail-10000942
Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland)Brand Name: RDModel Number: RD-Z002Material: polyurethane
Mounted: FlooringPosition: Bridge Railings / Handrails,Deck Railings / Handrails,Porch Railings / Handrails,Stair Railings / Handrailscolor: marbledurable: does not rot,split or crack
convenient: lightweight and easy to installsafe&environmental friendly: non-toxic, not contain heavy metals  
RD polyurethane faux stone balustrade and handrail
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TheRDhigh polymer series products select the high purity ethyl carbamate

as the basic raw material and are molded through the scientific formula and

foaming. The molded products not only have the solid wood effects but also

have the following features:

1,Superior Quality:

a)no deformation, no cracking and no rot;

b)anti-corrosion and acidproof alkali, can maintain the stability of the materials for years.

c)No erosion by worms and termites;

d)non-absorbent and non-porous, can be directly washed.

2,Convenient, Safe and Reliable Construction:

a)lightweight, much light than stone and wood;b)easy to install with minimal maintenance required

c)we can produce as your design no matter shape or color because we are manufacturer

d) wide range of designs,suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

e)safe and environmental friendly.

3,Ease of Processing:

The material is evenly distributed and can be sawed, planed and rasped and there is almost no waste in

the installation. Therefore it is an economic and environment friendly material.

4,flame resistance:

self-extinguishing that means while flame source is introduced and soon as the flame source is removed,

the flame naturally and immediately goes out (GB 8624-1997)

Make the place you live

-the place you love!

Product Description

Technical standard

No.ItemMeasured value
2Tensile strength1.01MPa
3Water absorption (24h)2.1%-2.5%
4Dimensional stability

(24h, temperature difference 50°C)

5Artificial aging resistance250000h
6Formaldehyde content0.2mg/L
7Exterior-working life>30 years
8Interior-working life>40 years

Packaging and inventory

Delivery details:

15-30 days after payment in advance!

Packaging Detail:Export standard or as customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:30 days

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