Prefabricated Bathroom, Bathroom Pod, Hotel Project

Prefabricated bathroom with functional external wall. Bathroom customized for business hotels. Installation included. - details see: //
Brand Name: HKF NordicComponent: Bathroom Sinks,Bathtubs,Bidets,ToiletsWater Proof: Fire SafePrefabricated: Bathroom unit
European Certification: Installation Included   
Prefabricated Bathroom, Bathroom Pod, Hotel Project
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•Speed & Clean job site
oConventional bathroom takes 25 to 50 days to complete. Hard to control variables such as temperature, humidity could significantly extend conventional bathroom construction time
oConventional bathroom construction is messy, wasteful and difficult to streamline
oConventional bathrooms requires multiple suppliers and large quantity of different accessories which resulted in complex and expensive management and logistics cost
oHKF Nordic’s prefabricated bathrooms can be installed in just6 – 9hours.
oHKF Nordic’s Green Life Cycle Design (GLCD) ensures minimal mess & waste from production to installation
•Cost effective & High Quality
oOurcompany carries outbathrooms productionin a centralized and controlled factorysetting which eliminates waste, increase productivity, streamline production process. This alsoallows us toensurethe same high quality standards across all markets, without the headache of sourcing hard-to-find products locally.
oInaddition, our business model allowscustomized designsand functional changes to be madeinexpensively and quickly implemented worldwide.
•Full-Service Solution Provider
oWe design, produce, transport, install and provide after sales maintenance for our products andservices worldwide.Therefore, all parties involved willhave zero learning curveto use our products. We take full responsibility for the entire life-cycle ofour prefabricatedbathroomsolutions.Builders, developers and other customerscan simply order and forget about it.
•Accessible & Flexible
oCompetitor’s prefabricated bathrooms are made in large metal or precast concrete pods. Such solution results extremely high transportation cost
oDue to the size of the pods and risk of mini-cracks in metal and precast concrete pods during the transportation, it is prohibitively challenging to use bathroom pods in competitor’s local market, and even more challenging to use and implement such bathroom pods in international markets.
oHKF Nordic’s prefabricated bathrooms are packed onto pallets and sent to worldwide locations in containers with low transportation cost. For locations with limited road access or infrastructure, our bathrooms and electric systems can be transported by tractors or small trucks. In comparison, our competitors produce prefabricated bathrooms in pods, which cannot be shipped to international locations, especially for large luxury bathrooms.
oThe accessibility advantage was successfully deployed in counties such as Sweden, Finland, India etc. forboth renovation and new building projects.
oCentralized planning for design, production, logistics and installation allow standardized process to be passed onto HKF Nordic’s local implementationteamsworldwide. Standardization and localization allow HKF Nordic deliversworldwide local turn-key installation services while centralized planningensurequick and cost efficient global implementation
oHKF Nordic’s bathrooms are designed in flat packed panels, such design allows the prefabricated bathrooms to gain access to small openings, limited installation spaces. It is perfect for hotel renovation projects
oFlat packed bathroom panels can be pre-assembled into bathroom pods and lifted into final installation location as pod for new hotel building projects
•Agile & Flexiblein project planning and execution
oMid-course Adjustment: Project decision makers can change from conventional or competitors’ bathrooms and electric systems to our solution in the middle of the project, while meeting projectdeadlines
oStart Anytime: The installation start and end time of our prefabricated bathrooms and electric systems are less dependent on other parts of the project than traditional construction. Our products are relatively small and easy to maneuver throughout the job site, so we can performinstallation even when the construction is in finalstages
oEliminate Bottlenecks: We design our bathroom system to be “self-contained” and works independent of other contractors. Consequently, ourinstallation will not create bottleneck to others and viceversa
•No Bottleneck
oCompetition’s bathroom pods require very precise scheduling and the installation of the bathroom pods are serious bottlenecks to the entire construction process. Delay in bathroom pod delivery or installation will bring the entire project to ahalt
oUnlike HKF’s flat packed system, competition’s Bathroom Pod requires large and uninterrupted openings for the bathroom pod to be set at its final location. Such rigid requirement create bottlenecks which prevents all work to be halted in the path of bathroom pod unit it is installed

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