Mobile Shower Room

mobile modular shower room space saving and aesthetic appearance. customized size and design available - details see: //
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: SOLO  
Mobile Shower Room
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1. Size

  • Ø 6058mmx 2438mm x 2591mm (external)

2. Floor Panel (1)

  • Ø Channel steel main beams (sandblasted)
  • Ø Channel steel cross member (sandblasted)
  • Ø ISO shipping container corners
  • Ø Painting
  • Ø 15mmbamboo floor board
  • Ø Anti-slip PVCflooring (Grey)

3. Roof panel (1)

  • Ø Galvanized cold-formed steel roof frame with gutter
  • Ø Steel tube cross member
  • Ø ISO shipping container corners
  • Ø Painting
  • Ø 1 pieces of whole FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) sheet on each side
  • Ø 50mmEPS Foam for insulation

4. Removable pillar (4)

  • Ø 3mmSteel cold-formed pillar, well painted
  • Ø Linked with roof and floor with screws

5. Outside Wall

  • Ø 50mmcolor-coated steel-EPS sandwich panels

6. Partition Wall

  • Ø 50mmcolor-coated steel-EPS sandwich panels (both side are flat)
  • Ø Linked with tongue-and-groove solution

7. Door (875mmx H2000mm, 2)

  • Ø 50mmColor-coated steel-EPS sandwich door panel.
  • Ø Aluminum door frame
  • Ø Safety lock,stainless steel handle
  • Ø Galvanized steel rain canopy

8. Window (600mm x 600mm, 1)

  • Ø PVC frame
  • Ø Single glass
  • Ø With fly wire

²Shower Partition (4)

  • Ø PartitionFolding doors (18mm Melamine board)
  • Ø Plastic handles and locks, stainless steel foot support
  • Ø GRP shower chassis
  • Ø Metal Shower enclosure
  • Ø With bath foam
  • Ø Towel rack
  • Ø Polyester shower curtain


  • Ø 1 Cabinet with one door and locks (18mmMelamine board)
  • Ø 1 Long Chair (Preserve Woods,1500mmx 400mm)
  • Ø 2 Wash basin with water tap
  • Ø 2Soap dispenser withliquid soap
  • Ø 1 Plastic Waste bin
  • Ø 1 Plastic paper holder
  • Ø 1 Electric hand dryer
  • Ø 2Perfume Dispenser with perfume
  • Ø 2 Mirror (750mm*1000mm ,single glass)
  • Ø Exhaust fans (4) with Sockets (British Standard)

²Electrical item (220V/50Hz)

  • Ø 4 Instantaneous Water Heater
  • Ø 1 Distribution box with breakers
  • Ø 3 Double-tube fluorescent lights
  • Ø 1 Switches
  • Ø 1 Waterproof lamp


  • Ø Angle steel linking profile (outer corner)
  • Ø Aluminum linking angle profile (inner corner)
  • Ø Seal glue
  • Ø Screws and rivets
  • Ø Spare paint
  • Ø PVC tubes

²Water Tank

  • Ø Stainless steel, 5000L
  • Ø Stainless steel frame
Packaging Detail:flat packed, 3unit/40HQ
Delivery Detail:30days

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