Kaho Multi functional Magic privcay glass for bathroom - JH112601

Magic glass, 1.Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque, 2.Two color PDLC film, 3.MOQ: 1piece, 4.OEM welcome - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/kaho-multi-functional-magic-privcay-glass-for-bathroom-10010586
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: KahoModel Number: JH112601Frame Style: With Frame
Frame Material: AluminiumFrame Surface Finishing: PolishedGlass Thickness: 6mmOpen Style: Sliding
Function of PDLC film glass: Bullet proof glass, Decorative glass, Heat absorbing glassShape: Curved, FlatStructure: Solid, HollowTechnique: Clear glass, Frosted glass, Laminated glass, Tempered glass
Type: Sheet glassStandard sizes: W980mm*H2800mm / W1800mm*H3000mm / W1200*H2800mmControl methods: manual control, light-operated, or customized 
Kaho Multi functional Magic privcay glass for bathroom
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Magic Glass Supplied By Guangzhou Kaho Special Co.,Ltd


01-Product Name:

Magic glass, Smart glass, Electrically privacy glass, intelligent glass, dimming glass, switchable glass

02-Product Preview:

Magic glass, also known as electrically switchable glass or smart glass, can be conversed between transparent and opaque by adjusting the voltage.
Power on: clear glass, high transparency; power off: milky color, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.
Meanwhile, smart glass adopts laminated glass technology, which makes smart glass have all kinds of performances of laminated glass as well.

03-Product Features:

1. Switch on, transparent; switch off, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.
2. Safety: the fragments will be stick on the film when the glass is crushed. That glass fragments hurt people will never happen
3. Environmental protection: above 90% infrared and 98% UV can be shielded.
4. Anti-aging, anti-fade.
5. Sound insulation: 2 to 3 time of ordinary glass

04-Common Standards:

Standard smart PDLC film size: 900*2800 mm, 1200*2800 mm, 1800*3000 mm
Specifications: 1) 4mm + PDLC + 4mm
2) 5mm + PDLC + 5mm
3) 6mm + PDLC + 6mm
4) 8mm + PDLC + 8mm

The glass thickness depends on how big is the glass panel. Bigger size glass panel we will suggest thicker glass.

If you don't quite sure about how much thickness you should use, please contact with our sales person.

05-Processing Types:

Glass layer: float glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, low-E glass, etc.

Control method: manual control, light-operated, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote nets control, or customized.

Product type: 1. Water proof smart glass
2. bullet proof smart glass
3. smart glass door / windows, smart glass partitions
4. smart glass bathroom
5. smart glass projection screen
6. hollow sound insulation smart glass
7. energy saving and environmental protection smart glass
8. colorful smart glass
9. anti-skid smart glass
10. LED smart glass
11. UV protect smart glass

06- Technical Parameters

Test DataTest StatusTest Result
Opticle DataTransparencyOn75% (+/-5%)
Viewing AngleOn>70%
UV ProtectOn>98%
OffMilky White
Power DatePower Supply36V ~ 70±5V110V / 220V
(AC, 50-60Hz)
Current0.05 (A/sqm)
Engergy Consumption6-7 (Watt/sqm)
Operation Temperature6-7 (Watt/sqm)
Max Size905*1500mm985*2200mm1200*2600mm1500*3000mm1800*3000mm1800*3000mm


1. Must need: transformers (input voltage: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V; output voltage: 60-70V nornally, lowest we can do 36V, 48V)

2. Choice: adjustable brightness machine, which can change glass from transparent to opaque gradually.

For more details or pictures, please kindly contact with our sales person.

08-Product Applications:

1. Operation department, slap-up office / meeting room / reception room, luxury villa / privacy room, doors / windows / partitions of senior entertainment.
2. Special ward / operation room of hospital, monitoring room / inquire room of police station, court, prison.
3. High-end bathroom / cars, lorries, luxury yacht.
4. Jewelry shop, museum, insurance counter, automatic equipment.
5. Large-scale projection screens
6. All kinds of places which need daylight and privacy

Application Examples


Please kindly contact with our sales person for more details.


We will have 5 years guarantee for the PDLC film inside for it has been 8 years since our first smart glass project.

11-Test Standards:

1. EN 14449: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
2. EN 12600: glass in building – pendulum test
3. EN 12150: thermally toughened sode lime silicate safety glass
4. ASTM C1172: laminated architectural flat glass
5. ASTM C1048: heat treated flat glass
6. ANSI Z97 1: safety glazing materials used in buildings
7. GB/T 11944: sealed insulation glass
8. GB 11614: flat glass
9. GB 15763: safety glazing materials used in buildings
10. ISO 12543-1~6: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass
11. AS/NZS 2208: safety glazing materials in building

12-MOQ (Minimum of Quantity):

1 piece, 1 sheet

13-Packaging Pictures

To benefit from our strong OEM/ODM capabilities and considerate services, contact us today. We will sincerely create and share success with all clients.

Packaging Detail:sealed wooden export carton with steel bending
Delivery Detail:10 days for sampling, 20 to 25 days for mass cargo

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