frp handrail and stair system, weatherproof, low maintain cost - frp handrail

frp handrail, 1. anti-corrosion, high strength, extremely durable, 2. never rusty, anti-age, easy installing - details see:
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)Brand Name: Yalong frp handrailModel Number: frp handrailMaterial: frp,Fibreglass reinforced plastic
Mounted: FlooringPosition: Bridge Railings / Handrails,Deck Railings / Handrails,Porch Railings / Handrails,Stair Railings / Handrailsapplication:: Offshore Installations, chemical industries, power plantOEM: accepted
color: red, yellow, white, black,etcstyle: rod, pole, tube, I beam, T beam, C channel, etctube size: 36mm, 50mm frp tube 
frp handrail and stair system, weatherproof, low maintain cost
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frp handrail and ladder system, weatherproof, low maintain cost

FRP handrails offer long life, low maintenance solutions. Our fiberglass handrails are lightweight and offer high resistance towards corrosion. the installed cost of FRP composite handrails is often lower than that of steel. Being a fiberglass reinforced composite, the handrails are thermally and electrically non conductive, offer excellent UV resistance and are extremely durable in extreme outdoor environments

Yalong Pultrusion fiberglass profile including:
fiberglass rod, round tube, channel, angle, I beam, square & rectangular tube, window frame, shutter blade, other structural profile, etc.
Above profile generally be assembled to:
Fiberglass window and shutter
Pultruded Fiberglass Grating
Fiberglass guardrail handrail fence
Fiberglass ladders and stairs
Cooling tower FRP components
filler supports, anti-freeze board, grating walkway
Fiberglass Structure and support

Mechanical Properties of Pultruded Profiles Vs. Other Structural Materials

Mechanical PropertiesPultruded FRPRigid PVCMild SteelStainless SteelWood
Tensile Strength
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Izod Impact

FRP Handrail and guardrail project:

We produce around 100 FRP product, just advise your needs and require, the most suitable product will be offered at the first time

Yalong is one reliable manufacturer in China, specialized in produce frp composite for 20 years

FRP profiles advantages:

StrongUnit strength in tension & compression is approx. 20 x that of steel when these properties are combined on the basis of unit densityOptional strength as desired. Exceptionally high impact strength reduces damage potentialStructural process equipment support. Tank supports. Cooling tower ancillaries. Flooring supports. Trusses & joints.
Light WeightDensity of pultruded components is about 20% of steel and 60% of aluminiumHigher performance at less weight. Lower shipping, handling & installation costs. Less operational energy demand.Automotive leaf springs & bumpers. Prefabricated walkways & platforms. Bus components.
Corrosion ResistantUnaffected by exposure to a great variety of corrosive environment & chemicals.Minimum maintenance costs. Long term safety. Longer life.Chemical plant hand railings, gratings, walkways & bridges. Cable trays. Pipe supports.
Electrical InsulationProvides strength & rigidity with dielectric properties.Lesser no. of components. Non-magnetic & safe. Predictable insulation values for wide range of frequencies.Ladders, Cable trays. Switch gear components. Mounting braces and backboards.
Thermal InsulationPultruded components have a low thermal conductivity, 1/250 of aluminium & 1/60 of steel.Reduces installation thickness. Eliminates condensation problems. Reduces energy operation requirements.Bulk head frames. Walk in refrigerator door jams. Window frames. Insulated roll up panel doors.
ConsolidationMany individual components can be combined into a large profile.Reduced assembly cost. Reduced inventory. Fewer parts improve reliability.Window latch supports. Roll up door
Dimensional StabilityPultruded components are highly resistant to warping stretch/swelling over a wide range of temperature & stresses.No permanent deformation under high stress. Close tolerances.Spring bumpers. Crossing gate arms. Scrubber components.
SafetyThe pultruded components are very strong & safe to work with. They are microbes and insect proof.Many gratings suffer from the problem of microbes etc. due to wet or unhygienic working conditions.This property makes them ideal choice for pharmaceutical & food industries.

Packaging Detail:pallets
Delivery Detail:15-35 days

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