Famous Design Pure White Solid Artificial Stone Bath tub - RL0846

Artificial Stone Bathtub, 1. Comfortable soft-feel and in hot shape, 2. SGS,NSF, 3. OEM for Famous Brand, 4. Easy to clean - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/famous-design-pure-white-solid-artificial-stone-bath-tub-10009655
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: PavoneModel Number: RL0846Material: Pure Acrylic Solid Surface
Function: SoakingInstallation Type: FreestandingDrain Location: Centercolor: Pure White
OEM: We do OEM for world famous brandsDesign: Famous Italian & Franch DesignerFeature: Eco-Friendly 
Famous Design Pure White Solid Artificial Stone Bath tub
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1) Excellent tenacity, can be easily bent into various shapes;
2) Smooth, solid, inconspicuous seams;
3) Superior stain/bacteria/chemical resistance;
4) Easily maintaining and repairable;
5) Very low water absorption & excellent penetrability;
6) Very high oxygen index & flame resistant;
7) High gloss, beauty finish with elegant texture;
8) Wide range colors; custom colors are acceptable.

Pavone®Acrylic solid surface sink and bathtub are comprised of special formula 100% acrylic polymer and fire-resistant inorganic material aluminum hydroxide (ATH). Its raw materials and processes differ from polyester and modified polymer solid surface in the market. Their physical and chemical properties also differ. Pavone®Acrylic solid surface sink and bathtub possesses excellent properties such as high density, non-porous, homogeneous, good weather ability (yellowing-resistance), antibacterial, anti-staining, fire-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean, chemical-resistant, and impact-resistant. It is the best way to enhance bathroom, kitchen, and commercial premise quality. It is made up of the same materials as world-famous brands of solid surface.

Pavone®is the only one of few company who master the advanced technology of 100% Acrylic solid surface sink and bathtub in this industry, and it’s expected that Pavone®will lead the bathroom industry in the market.

Comparison table of products made of different resins:

Polyester resin

Acrylic Modified resin

Pavone®Acrylic resin

Main materialUnsaturated polyester(UP)Unsaturated polyester (UP) + Acrylic polymer100% acrylic polymer

(100% Acrylic resin)

Molding processHardening at room temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residual.Hardening at room temperature or medium temperature; incomplete reaction; chemical residue.Molded under advanced production technology; ?no chemical residue.
Density and porosityLow density; porousSimilar to polyester resinMolded under advanced production technology; high density; non-porous
Yellow-resistanceYellowingSubject to yellowingExcellent non-yellowing property
Anti-stainingSatins easily penetrate pores; dirt attaches easilySimilar to polyester resinDirt stays on the surface; easy cleaning
Chemical propertyNot goodBetter than polyester resinThe product is National American Standard certified.

Comparison table of different sink products:

Ceramic or enamel basin

Stainless steel sink

Pavone®Acrylic solid surface sink and bathtub

Surface finishGloss finishGloss or mat finishDull/mat, gloss finish
ProcessingIt is mounted to the countertop by silicone, which is easy to produce the dirt, mold and bacteria.It is mounted to the countertop by silicone, which is easy to produce the dirt, mold and bacteria.It is seamless with solid surface. It is neat-looking, which does not produce the dirt, mold and bacteria.
DurabilityAfter extended use, the glaze fades. It is beyond repair, is prone to staining, and is not easy to clean.After extended use, it is prone to surface scratching, staining, and is difficult to clean.Remove with a scouring pad or a little detergent. Use fine sandpaper to fix scratches.
LoadingIt cannot withstand weights, is fragile, and is dangerous.It can withstand weights but is subject to deformation.It is National American Standard 200 lbs(91kgs) load test certified.
OtherIt is subject to noise and moist.It is low in noise and does not contain moist.
Product testIt is National American Standard ANSI Z124.6 certified.

Packaging Detail:Standard export packing: Plywood box with protecting foams.
Delivery Detail:within 25 working days upon receiving the deposit.

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