Electronic Toilet Seat with remote control DB-8500, CE/Rohs approved - DB-8500

DAELIM Dobidos premium Bidet!, Brings refreshingness and cleanliness to your bathroom., More convenient with remote control. - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/electronic-toilet-seat-with-remote-control-db-8500-ce-rohs-approved-10012742
Place of Origin: Seoul South KoreaBrand Name: DOBIDOSModel Number: DB-8500Installation Type: Floor Mounted
Spary Type: HorizontalPower Source: AC120V, 220V / 50~60HzPower Consumption: Max. 1310WAvailable Water Pressure: 21psi~115psi (1.5~7.5kgf/㎡)
Power Fuse: AC 250V / 6APower Code: 5.25 ft (1.5m)Water Flow: 0.16gal/min(600cc/min)Water Temperature: Max. 104℉ (40℃)
Heater Capacity: Cleaning - 1250W, Drying - 300WSeat Type: ElongateSafety Protection: Protection circuit, thermostat, Thermal fuse, Float switch 
Electronic Toilet Seat with remote control DB-8500, CE/Rohs approved
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DAELIM DOBIDOS Electronic Bidet !

A new approach to personal hygiene proposed by Daelim Dobidos,

a mix of fresh touch and state-of-the-art technology.

Upgrade your bathroom with Dobidos technology!

DB-8500 for your one piece toilet & any shape of toilet!

Function of Produts

1.Personal Area Cleaning: Can be used by every menber of your family, cleans even the smallest dirt particles.

2.Bidet Cleaning: Enhances femine hygiene, especially effective for ladies during menstruation or pregency.

3.Massage Cleaning: The nozzle moves back and forth automatically improving both cleaning efficiency and blood circulation.

4.Adjustable Nozzle Position: Freely repositioned remainer.

5.Warm-Air Drying: Keeps you feeling fresh and clean after use.

6.Self Diagnosis: A built-in microprocessor always checks the status of the device.

In case of malfunctions, a light on the panel will blink.

7.Warm Seat: Seat temperature is adjustable, providing the user with their own level of comfort

8.Adjustable Pressure: DRy air temperature and water pressure cna be adjusted in five steps.

9.Adjustable Temperature: Temperature of cleaing water and seat can be adjusted freely.

10.Soft Opening/Closing: Since the seat closes gently without any noise or impact to the seat,

you don't have to worry about damaging the seat.

11.Sit-On Switch: Activated when sat on and automatically deactivetes when user stands up.

12.Self Cleaning Nozzle: The nozzle cleans itself before and after every use.

13.Power Saving: When not in use, both water and seat temperature are automatically lowered to pre-heating level

minimizing the power.

14.Deodorization: A built in ceramic fliter reduces a smell during toilet use

15.Continuous Warm Water: Not low tank type but continuous warm water supplying type with solenoid valve.

16.Power & Complete cleaning: With the strong water pressure,the cushion-like gentle and soft air bubble helps complete


17.Auto function for children: Auto function from washing to drying.

18.User setting: Fix the memories on nozzle position, water pressure, water temperature and seat tempearture for

maximum of 4 persons.

19.Remote Controller: Easy view LCD window of it and easy operation for convenient condition checking.

Who needs Dobidos ?

1. Those who are concerned about cleanliness and health

2. Those who suffer from hermorrhoids and constipation

3. The elderly, the sick, children, the disabled and the handicapped

4. The pregnant

5. Architers who want to build an advanced housing environment

Packaging Detail:1. Packaging Materials : Corrugated Carboard Carton Box (For LCL cargo : Wrapping with pallet) 2. Dimensions : W475x537xH130 [mm] 3. Weight : Net - 4.0kg / Gross - 6.0kg 4. Possible Q'ty for 20ft Container : 300 units
Delivery Detail:Average 30days

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