Bidet Toilet Seat - VB 2010 - VB 2010

Electronic bidet function, 1 pocket 3 way nozzle, Stainless nozzle - details see: //
Place of Origin: Seoul South KoreaBrand Name: VOVOModel Number: VB 2010Installation Type: Floor Mounted
Spary Type: HorizontalElectronic bidet: Electronic bidets  
Bidet Toilet Seat - VB 2010
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1 Pocket 3 way nozzle (Stainless nozzle)

Posterior wash : It cleanses the posterior thoroughly and comfortably

Feminine wash : It cleanses vaginal area of feminine safely and comfortably

Enema wash : It sends soft stream of clean water into the rectum to help pass motion

Dry : it dries after washing

Oscillating wash : It creanses with nozzle movement back and forth for wide cleansing

Pulsating wash : It streams water more rhythmically to clean more thoroughly

Water pressure : It adjusts water pressure

Nozzle position : It adjusts nozzle position

Nozzle cleaning : It automatically cleanses nozzle before & after use

Nozzle button : A button to cleanse nozzle

Power saving : It saves power while no use

Anti short circuit : It shuts off power automatically at short circuit

Anti bacterial : It has special coating on nozzle, seat and lid against bacteria

Anti pollutant : It has special coating on bowl

Water temperature : It adjusts water temperature

Seat temperature : It adjusts seat temperature

Dry temperature : It adjusts drying temperature

Damper : It softly closes seat & lid

Packaging Detail:* Product size: 445x535x145mm * Carton size: 530x580x200mm * 20 feet container: 400 unit loadable
Delivery Detail:30 days

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