2013 European Style Family Outdoor SPA/Hot Ttub (Contessa) CE,ROHS,SAA APPROVAL - Contessa B-330

All outdoor spa are certified to CE, SAA,ROHS and ISO producing standard- OUTDOOR SPA,HOT TUB,WHIRLPOOL SPA,SPA,OUTDOOR WHIRLPOO - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/2013-european-style-family-outdoor-spa-hot-ttub-contessa-ce-rohs-saa-approval-10009787
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: ZEN SPASModel Number: Contessa B-330Material: Acrylic
Function: MassageMassage Type: Whirlpool MassageInstallation Type: CornerDrain Location: Left
2013 European Style Family Outdoor SPA/Hot Ttub (Contessa) CE,ROHS,SAA APPROVAL
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Knight Outdoor Spa are specially designed to combine perfect ergonomics, absolute comfort and high technology material in a huge range of Hot Tubs, but also to fit to your needs and desires: our team is here to design the spa of your dream!

Zspa Control System

Controls easy to use

Easy to read control panel allows you, with the touch of a button to change the temperature, adjust lighting or control your massage. and at same time, LCD window also features a time and maintenance reminders automatically display on a preset schedule.

control can be remote too

The wireless infrared design is housed in a waterproof case and even floats for ultra convenience. Easy and fun to use, its another unique addition to the ultimate spa experience.

Advanced control pack with M7 Technology

n advanced, state of the art spa controller provides the ultimate in easy of use, safety and reliability for the spa user. M7 technology is a revolutionary new hardware/software platform that completely eliminates mechanical sensor switches and remote through-wall temperature sensors. The M7 platform features two identical solid state sensors that mount inside the heater manifold. Smart Sensors accurately and reliably measure water temperature whilst monitoring critical water conditions without the possibility of failure due to mechanical switch malfunction.


"Whats your inspiration for owning a spa? Therapy, family time, de-stressing? Well, we just want a good excuse to play outdoors! Forget the kitchen as the gathering place and bring it outside where the fun happens. Party on!


ZSPAS audio system adds an AM/FM/CD/DVD dimension to your spa experience Its clear sound rivals many car stereos. Plus, a pair touch pop-up speakers rise. And providing a convenient remote control for the player. A wireless remote is included so you dont need to leave the party.


The waterproof resistant TV comes with a mounting bracket , you can enjoy the TV from anywhere in your backyard.

light up my night dream

The LED lights illuminate the water and set the mood any way you desire, right, you can creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere by your own during the evening or even a disco light for your party!

Zspas Jet Set

configurations allow you to control flow and water pressure to maximize your enjoyment.

The specially designed jets are strategically positioned to guarantee precise massaging of specific zones of your body. This brings you total relaxation, relieving of stiff muscles and soothing relief.


Owning a spa is all about carefree enjoyment. So why worry about the quality of the water within? You can relax in a ZSPAS, we knowing that careful consideration has been paid to creating and installing superior filtration systems that produce pure crystal clean waves of water.

The state-of-the-art filtration system helps assure a sparkling clean spa environment. The floating weir skimmer allows a much greater variation in the depth of the spa water,

Cartridge filter system paired with ZSpa's Ozone, Our corona discharge Ozone System

means crystal clear water with less hassle. It produces the maximum amount of ozone which

is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. It helps eliminate foreign contaminents that build

up in the water and thereby reducing the need for excessive chemicals in your spa.

Spa Shells

All ZSPAS are produced using American Aristech Cast Acrylics sheet. In addition to strong chemical resistance,Aristech Acrylics maintains excellent resistance to weathering, infrared/ultraviolet radiaiton, staining and scratching. The exceptional quality of the high gloss surface enhances its appearance and serviceability.­

Keep Your Spa Cleaner Between Cleaning

Microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of bacteria at the spa surface. It begins to work as soon a bacteria comes into contact with the surface of your spa. It continues to work to maintain a consistently lower bioburden than would be expected on acrylic-surfaced spas without Microban antimicrobial protection.

Spa Cabinets

Customize the exterior siding of your Spas. Select from our weather-resistant synthetic material or our real wood cabinet

Superior Insulation

ZSPAS apply a thick layer of closed-cell, high-density foam insulation to the underside of the spa shell before the plumbing is installed. This insulation ensures a uniform thermal barrier to keep heat within the spa, whilst strengthening the shell. Additional high-density foam insulation is applied to the sealed ABS base, which locks in the frame and prohibits heat loss through the floor.

Durable floor

The ABS Sealed Base is an integral part of the support structure in a ZSPAS hot tub. The base interlocks with the steel frame and the spa shell to form an incredibly strong foundation for the spa to rest on. The one-piece construction provides a rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing foundation that truly seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture, a money saving combination. This makes spas extremely durable and maintenance-free.

Packaging Detail:CTN/VENEERS
Delivery Detail:30 days after deposit

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