window weather strip - FP-029-

window weather strip, REDDI weather strip is the famous British brand name. It is for aluminum doors and windows. - details see:
Type: Other Door & Window AccessoriesPlace of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: ReddiModel Number: FP-029-
window weather strip
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window weather strip

Reddi woven pile weather strip includes Pile, Fringe, Fin Pile series. Low friction, high strength and durability are particularly important qualities of Reddi Pile.

Weather Resistant

Polypropylene is chemically inert and compatible with all window frame materials. The yarn is extremely durable and highly resistant to abrasion, ozone and biological attack. The pile is fully siliconized also UV stabilized to minimise the effects of ultra violet light and withstands wide variations temperature.

Durability & Efficient

Sliding seals above all require a unique resilience because or the directional forces which they are subjected to. Polypropylene is well suited to cope with this aggressive requirement.

Water Repellent

Our products are woven from yarn which has been impregnated with silicone, thus offering an additional barrier against water absorption.

1, This kind of product is made of siliconized polypropylene fibre and polypropylene fibre.

2, Sindeli weather strip-FP is made of special pile with the cross section like +

3, It is used for sliding windows and doors

4, Products have passed the test of National Building Material Testing Centre, according to the trade standard, JC/T635-1996

5, Model no: height of pile:3 -20mm width of back-plane: 4mm

6 color of back-plane: red

Color of pile:grey etc.

Packaging Detail:Nomal size of carton:57*29*57
Delivery Detail:15 days

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