warm edge spacer

this product keeps the advantages and overcomes the shortages of the traditional sealing spacerthis. - details see: http://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/warm-edge-spacer-10050261
Type: Other Door & Window AccessoriesPlace of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland)Brand Name: Truspacercolour: black,black and gray
size: 6.5mm-19mm   
warm edge spacer
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A new type of Truspacer compound sealing spacer for IG

Truspacer compound sealing spacer for insulating glassIt is appeared with our nearly five years' independent research, on the base of Jinyu sealing spacer, we have made a big amount of improvement and innovation,this product keeps the advantages and overcomes the shortages of the traditional sealing spacer and fills up the blank of our country and is in the leading place within the country. Its quality is much higher than the traditional sealant and reaches to the international level, this is a revolutionary progress in the manufacture of insulating glass spacer.

Truspacer Insulating glass Picture of structure

Compared with traditional strip, the new strip has the following advantages:

(1)Increasing holding power among the glass.

The height of corrugated aluminum strip rises up to 4.8mm from 1.8mm, compression become much stronger, with macromolecular heat-resistant strip, the new compound sealing spacer for insulating glass cansignificantly improve the problem of deformation under pressure.

(2)Moisture absorption properties.

Put the desiccant with a high proportion on the surface of plastic strip, make the properties of absorbing moisture improve significantly.

(3)Tensile strength.

The framework of traditional strip is a single aluminum strip. Truspacer Compound sealing spacer is the framework which is composed of aluminum strip,plastic insulation strip,, the tensile strength has greatly improved.

In the package have Temperature display card

(4) Vacuum foil membrane packing with display card

The use of four-storey composite foil vacuum packaging with humidity display card shows moisture absorption properties.

(5)Two usages

You can use the Insulating Glass spacers separately;

You can spread single-component hot melt burly or Polysulfide adhesive on the outside of the Insulating Glass spacer, to enhance its structure.

Picture of actual object

(6) Unique manufacture method makes good endurance ability in weathers or humidity.

(7)Saving more energies, traditional jinyu sealing spacer 150g a meter on average, and new Truspacer 90g a meter on average, the amount needed all the nation is 100,000,000 meters each year, and the petroleum can be saved 60,000 tons a year.

(8)New package has higher volume rate.

Roller packaging

Packaging Detail:package in box, the size of box is 495*575*575mm,one roll in one box
Delivery Detail:20~30days after deposite

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