self-leveling floor material - YY-100/YY-110

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: YunyanModel Number: YY-100/YY-110Usage: Plastering Mortar
Type: Cement MortarGrade: M25  
self-leveling floor material
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Self-leveling screed

YY-100 (general) YY-110 (wear-resistance)

1.The construction is convenient by stirring with water manually or mechanically.

2.It has good self-leveling and smoothness.

3.It has high compressive strength and wear-resistance, low shrinkage that is not easy to crack or generate

delaminating and hollowing.

4.It has rapid solidification, smooth surface that can be travelled after 3-4 hours. The plastic floor, carpet and tile

can be paved on the surface after 24 hours.

5.It is environmental and non-toxic product.

1.It is suitable for residential offices and commercial terraces.

2.It is suitable to apply the smooth surface for next plastic floors, carpets and other decorating materials of

hospitals, schools, gyms and theaters, etc.

1.Make sure that the base plane is firm, solid, clean and no any residue.

2.The dust and residue of base material should be clean with vacuum cleaner.

3.The shrinkage crack, structure crack and cracks may create cracks after construction of self leveling mortar,

should reserve these cracks as the interface position.

1.The base plane should be treated with 2 layers moisture-proof coat, which should be diluted with clear water, the

first lay as 1:5, and the second one as 1:3, brush it evenly on the base material, waiting for 3-4 hours.

2.Mixing ratio: powder: water= 25: (5.5-6).

3.Pour the self leveling mortar into clear water depending mixing proportion, stirring by electric for more than 2


4.Pour the mixed paste on the base plane evenly, or with spray machine, and then scrape it with self leveling specific

tooth drawing template.

1.The moisture-proof must be coating completely, or it may cause the cavitations.

2.No excess water or it may decrease the compressive strength.

3.No strong wind and sun within 24 hours after construction.

The laying of plastic floor and carpet and other surface decoration, or construct of self leveling mortar surface should be operated 7 days after the self leveling mortar construction.

Keep in dry condition, valid for 1 year.



Execute china stander of JC/1985-2005



Flow degree(mm)

Initial flow property≥130≥130
20minflow property≥130≥130

Tensile cohesive force(MPa)






24h compression strength(MPa)


24h flexural strength(MPa)


Construction open time(min)


Walking time(h)




Packaging Detail:25kg/bag 1000bags/20'
Delivery Detail:3-5 days after receiving deposit

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