SA exterior water proof grout grey - SA817

- Fashion colours, - Exclusive sanitized biocides, - Water proofing, - Potection against mildew and mould - details see:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: SAModel Number: SA817Usage: Joint Mortar
Type: Cement MortarQuality System Standard: ISO9001-2008Colors: multi-coloredMain ingredients: Cement, cellulosics, redispersible latex powders, modifiers
SA exterior water proof grout grey
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Shunan Flexible Polymer Cement Culture Stone Tile Grout


Tile grout is joint filler between the tiles that have been laid. It helps keep the tiles from excessive movement and stops water from getting behind the tiles. Most grout is cement based and can come in a large range of colours.

Grout is either sanded or without sand. Sanded grout is used for floor as it is more suited to high foot traffic. Smooth grout (grout without sand) is used for walls and low foot traffic floors.

Sanded Grout is formulated from a blend of high strength portland cement, graded aggregates, polymers and color-fast pigments and provides a grout joint that is dense, hard and durable. For grout joint widths of 1/16" (1.5 mm) up to 3/8" (9 mm).

Construction workability is good, operating conveniently, weathering resisting and a kind of non-toxic,non-combustible green environmental protection building materials which has excellent comprehensive performance

The calculated formular of coverage(kg/m2):

25 X (tile length+tile width) X gap width X gap depth / 13.5 X tile length X tile width

(length unit:mm)

- Two buckets (one for mixing grout, one filled with clean water)
- Grout sponge
- Grout float (specially designed grout-smoothing tool)
- Grout
- Water
- Putty knife, stirring stick, or mixer attachment for drill

1.Add clean water to buckets, then slowly add the grout powder, stirring continuously until a lump-free consistency is achieved.

2.The mixing ratio :Thick filler grouts: 25kg powder: (6~6.5) kg water;

Thin filler grouts: 25kg powder: (7~7.5) kg water.

3.Use a rubber trowel to spread tile grout adhesive into the tile joints in a diagonal way and ensure that all joints are properly filled.

4. After about 2 hours of drying, The grout on tile surface should be cleaned with wet sponge or cloth.

5.After 24 hours of drying, The grout haze on tile surface can be cleaned using tile cleaner and water.

1.Do not use acid to clean tiles especially when colour grout is used.

2.Do not use in the rainy condition.

3.Do not use with the temperature of above 40 and below 5. The grout joint should not be less than 3mm.

4.For the substrates where movement is expected, it is recommended to use flexible primerflex /additive.

5.Do not mix the cured grout adhesive with water and reuse it.


Unopened bags can be stored for up to 6 months in a cool, dry environment.

Packaging Detail:In 25 kg paper bag, also available on request
Delivery Detail:3 days

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