SA EPS Foam Shape Hard Crack Resistant Coat - SA800

- Excellent adhesive, - Goes on smooth and easy, - Rock hard coating & adhesive, - Excellent to EPS foam shape, - Sets hard - details see:
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)Brand Name: SAModel Number: SA800Usage: Joint Mortar,Building Coating
Type: Cement MortarMain Raw Material: Cement , Sand , additivesState: Powder CoatingColor: Mainly grey
SA EPS Foam Shape Hard Crack Resistant Coat
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SA802 EPSFoam Shape Hard Crack Resistant Coat With 110g/m2 Reinforcing Mesh Self - adhesive Embedded

·Designed Especially for Foam Shape Coating

· Excellent Adhesive for EPS Foam Shapes to: EPS Foam, wood, masonry, cement backer board,

poured in place concrete

·Goes on Smooth and Easy

·Rock Hard Coating & Adhesive

· 50 pound bags and can be purchased by the bag, pallet or truckload.

· Tintable with Dry or Liquid Pigments

· Excellent to Hard Coat Props, Theatrical Sets, EPS Foam Shape, EIFS Arhitectural Pieces

· Sets Hard Like Concrete

Field of application:

The function of this product is to protect the EPS corince and fix the fiberglass mesh

Benefits of SA Coats:

· Fast set times, fast cycle times, short cure times.

· Superior hardness and easy to apply.

· Water resistant and chemically inert once cured.

· Safe for humans and animals.

· Tough, stable surface coating for decorative building items, artificial landscapes, stage props, sculptures, etc.

· Structural foam that’s light weight, reducing the need for structural support.


4.5~6 kg/m2

Mix ratio with water

5.5 liter/ 25 kg powder, 0.22 l/ kg powder

Technical Data



Test Method

Pull-off strength

(with EPS board)


≥0.10 Mpa

(EPS damaged)

JG 149

Water resistant≥0.10 Mpa

(EPS damaged)

Freeze-thaw resistant≥0.10 Mpa

(EPS damaged)

Flexibility property

Compressive strength/flexural %

(cement base)

Cracking strain % (non cement base )≥1.5

Processing/working time

1.5~4.0 h


1)Only mix with water, no other addition

2)The temperature of air and mixture mortar must be from 5°C~35°C

3)The mixture must be used up in 2h

4)Avoid sunshine, high temperature and freezing

5)Avoid strong wind during application

6)Avoid rain during application

Shelf life and storage:

6 months after manufacturing date in dry ventilated place

Application on villaes

Packaging Detail:In 25 kg ( 55 lbs) bag
Delivery Detail:5 days

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