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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: GOMIXModel Number: R2Usage: Plastering Mortar
Type: Cement Mortarcolor: white or grey  
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R2 Finish Putty

Product Description
R2 Finish Putty contains high quality Portland cement, mineral-based filling materials, and special binders which provides resistance to water, humidity and dampness and ensures plasticity. R2 provides crackles application for all types cement based surface repairs and application.

Where to Use
1.High moisture areas such as showers, bathrooms, swimming pool dressing rooms, laundry rooms, locker rooms.

2.Concrete surfaces, cement based mortars
3.Light or heavy bricks or briquette blocks

4.Do not apply on wood, gypsum, fibrous cements, and porous concrete surfaces without primer.

1.Crackless application.
2.Mixes easily with potable water.
3.Ideal for smoothing and concrete surfaces.
4.Ideal for walls before painting.
5.Weather resistant–doesn’t deteriorate with age.


Physical state and appearance
FormGray or white powder
BasePortland cement
Bulk density of powder1, 2g/cm³
pHWet mix >12
Application properties
Mixture rate350g-370g Water/1000g powder (35%-37%)
Open time3 hours
Application thickness1.5-4 mm
Surface drying time(23°C,%50RH)30 minutes
Application temperature+5°C – +40°C
Rest time before painting3 days
Mechanical resistance to pressing> 20 Mpa
Surface adherence (28 days later)2.5 Mpa(Ambient temperature of 23°C,%50RH)

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Packaging Detail:20kg/paper bag
Delivery Detail:2 to 5 days after down payment received

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