Level access shower systems with built-in Insulation Fabric 90x100 cm - 1000-2101044-12

Level access shower with built-in Insulation Fabric 90x100, Made by XPS, Right Side outlet, 90x100 cm for shower - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/level-access-shower-systems-with-built-in-insulation-fabric-90x100-cm-10011847
Place of Origin: Istanbul TurkeyBrand Name: SUKARModel Number: 1000-2101044-12Tray Material: XPS
Tray Shape: SquareMaterial: XPS  
Level access shower systems with built-in Insulation Fabric 90x100 cm
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XPS Floor Level Shower with Built-in Insulation Fabric 80x170 cm

Built-in Insulation Fabric

Right / Left outlet near wall

Please select 700mm grate

Why Flat Level Wet Shower System ?

- Self instulated, screed and insulation up to the local area of shower items saves both material and aplication.

- Flat Board Shower System is very easy to install and self sloped so that makes it easy to apply ceramic.

- Self sloped of % 2 and thanks to the high flow rate and the remaining areas outside the shower is absulutely dry.

- Saving material and installation from bath tub and shower tray.

- The aesthetic apperance of the bathroom tub or shower trag does not create a disturbing of integerity image in bathrooms.

- Thanks to 60mm thickness of flat board shower system,it makes easy to install in low lying surfaces.

- It does not require 90 degree proper corner for applying, By cutting corners, it can be easily applied to the unsuitable corners.

- Sanitary pipe and anti odor integrated inside system and does not required extra work.

- The outlet, which is integrated in flat board shower system, can rotate 360°, thus can be easly adapted to the ceramic.

- Grate is manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel and built in bathroom with shower suites for an excellent aesthetic apperance.

- It eliminates risk of accident ,which is causes of wet flor, for children and elder people.

- It makes easy of use for people with disabilities, thanks to its density of 80 kg, which is produced from XPS , even with a chair can be entered.

- Do not encounter discolaration in which is produced by acrylic tub or shower bath.

- Can be used in any kind of bathroom thanks to various sizes and types of plate.

Innovative and Reliable

Extremely strong and durable due to its very high density (approx. 80kg/m3). The wet room floor is flat level access via foot or whell chair. Do not raise floor level. Hence, the membrane provides total sealing against leaks. Package is matched for compatibility ensuring low-cost purchase with ensuring labour-saving costs on the job. (Insulating membrane is built-in to the drainage system so it saves time, labour and cost) It can be installed to any corners and walls buy cutting where and how necessary. (No need for a true right angle (90°C) corner to install the system) Under lay floor former in 5 sizes and types, and can also be cut to size where necessary. Easy to install in anytype of bathroom. Instantiling after installing.

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