Intelligent Ceramic Toilet(SH268001) - SH268001

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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: SHKLModel Number: SH268001Installation Type: Floor Mounted
Drainage Pattern: S-TrapFlushing Method: Siphon FlushingToilet Bowl Material: CeramicToilet Bowl Shape: Square
Intelligent Ceramic Toilet(SH268001)
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Size: 730x410x585mm


1.Seat temperature control: four-temperature setting for choose;
2.Water temperature control: four-temperature setting for choose;
3.real wash: wash rear;
4.wash for women only: wash rear with women-only nozzle;
5.Nozzle position adjust: adjust wash position;
6.Oscillating wash: Nozzle moves to and fro,comfortable wash;
7.Self-cleaning Nozzle: Nozzle pull out,clean themselves.This function can be remoted;
8.Water pressure boost: Provide a certain water pressure if pressure of running water id low(only for class 888);
9.Lighting: Gentle lighting;
10.Automatic flush: Flush automatically after leaving the toilet seat;
11.Remote control flush: Flush by remote control;
12.LED display: Shows working status such as functions actived,temperature...
13.Warm air dryer: Four-temperature setting for drying;
14.Air purification: Dedorize by catalyst and activated by sitting on the toilet seat;
15.Seated-sensor: Functions activated by sitting on the toilet seat;
16.Electricity Saving: special-designed electricity saving system;
17.Cap self-opening: The cap opens automatically when somebody gets close(only for class 888);
18.Cap and seat control: Open/close cap or seat by remote controller;
19.Lock: Lock the operating board,avoid accidental operation;
20.Intellectual remote control: All functions can be activated by remote controller for convenience;
21.MP3 player: MP3 Player with colorful LCD,SD card slot and stereo loudspeaker(only for class 888);
22.Easy dismantlement: Whole electronic part dismoutable(apart from the ceramicpart);
23.N/P Oxygen ion Generator: Negative Oxygen ion is usually named 'Air Vitamin' Which dose much good to health (only for class 888).

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