impact absorption aluminum foam handrail

Aluminum foam handrail, High impact absorbing, Changeable shapes, High rigidity high, Electromagnetic shielding - details see:
Place of Origin: Shanxi China (Mainland)Brand Name: foamtechMaterial: AluminumMounted: Flooring
Position: Bridge Railings / Handrails,Stair Railings / Handrails,highway railings/handrailsDensity: 0.2~0.4 g/m³Compressive strength: 1.5~2.0 MPaElectromagnetic waves shielding ability: over 90 dB
impact absorption aluminum foam handrail
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impact absorption Aluminum foam handrail

Due to it has the aluminum foam between guardrail and

holderaluminum foam minimize the secondary damage by

impact absorption.

<aluminum foam crash panel>


1. Low density to high density aluminum foam can be produce

2. High impact absorbing capacity (no direction pore in aluminum


3. Joining two kinds of metals to manufacture the sandwich panel

4. Changeable shapes

5. High rigidity, self-supporting ability and easy to make shapes

6. Low thermal conduction, high electromagnetic shielding

7. High impact energy absorbent (in low level stress)

8. Changing the density to control the energy absorbing level


Packaging Detail:wooden case supported with shrink film
Delivery Detail:within 10 days

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