hand held terminal ( automatic door accessory )

With the digital display panel, the parameters can be adjusted easily according to your requirement.., sliding door operator - details see: http://www.buildingsupplieshub.com/hand-held-terminal-automatic-door-accessory-10050209
Type: Other Door & Window Accessories   
hand held terminal ( automatic door accessory )
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sliding door operator

modefunctionFunction descriptionSetting


Default settingunit
00Speed detectingCheck the speed within the stroke103013level
01Opening speedSet the opening speed259980level
02Closing speedSet the closing speed259970level
03Creeping speed during openingSet the creeping speed during the opening052513level
04Creeping speed when closingSet the creeping speed during closing052513level
05Creeping distance when openingSet the creeping distance when opening105025
06Creeping distance when closingSet the distance when closing105030
07Detecting time when door is blocked.Set detecting time when the door is blocked010301level
08Closing statusSet the closing status0.stop1.press01
09Holding open timeSet the holding open time0902Sec
10Emergent operationSet the door status when emergence arises0.still1.open2.close01
11Safety functionSet the operation when obstacle is clipped0.cease1.reverse01
12Partial opening positionSet the ratio of open width to the full open width2090%60
13Safety beamsSet the beams.0invalid;11valid;2 2valid;312valid03
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