Tested by SGS and Intertek according to EN13501, the reaction to fire classification : A2,S1,d0,t0 - details see:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)Brand Name: ALUMSTARUsage: OutdoorFunction: Fireproof
Surface Treatment: PVDF CoatedFR CLASS: A2  

Standard Alumstar Grade A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) Introduction:

Alumstar grade A2 FR ACP is made by one layer of natural inorganic mineral material core and two layers of anti-rust high strength aluminum plates, between the layer of natural inorganic mineral material core and the layer of anti-rust high strength aluminum plate, there have one special adhesive film, constantly solidify and laminate under high temperature. The anti-rust high strength aluminum plate firstly pass the chemical cleaning treatment, in order to erase

the dirty on the surface of aluminum plate, make one layer of special treatment film layer, then make the polyester (PE) or fluorocarbon resin paints ( PVDF) coating in the rolling coating machine. Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP is one new innovation and creation in the building decoration panel fields. Because Alumstar brand panel is one kind of composition of distinct metal and non-metallic materials, which not only keep the original composited materials main characteristics, but also conquer the inadequacy of the original composited materials. And then get numerous excellent material behavior. The front and back side aluminum plates belong to the metal, which is non-combustible materials. The middle core is the natural inorganic mineral materials, such as magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, talcum powder, light calcium carbonate, etc. All of the natural inorganic mineral materials will be stirred and mixed together under adding special catalysts, then cohered as middle core. All of them are green flame-retardant inorganic materials with multi-function of retarding, suppressing smoke and filling. The refractory temperature of Alumstar Grade A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel is more than 1200°C . The reaction to fire classification of Alumstar brand FR Aluminum Composite Panel is : A2, S1, d0 , t0 .

Both the production line and formula of Alumstar Grade A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel are our own engineers’ innovation and creation, also have got patent certificates sperately.

Standard Specification of Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP :

Total ThicknessAluminum ThicknessAluminum AlloyPanel WidthPanel LengthCoating
3mm / 4mm0.15-0.50mm1100 / 30031220 / 1250mm2440mmPVDF / PE

This is our standard specification, Customized specificaiton is acceptal.

Quality Standards of Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP :

Enterprise Quality Management Systerm Standard:ISO9001:2008
Quality Inspection Standard:GB/T 17748-2008 , ASTM, etc.
FR Test Stanard:GB8624-2006 , EN13501-1:2007 ,etc.
Third Party International Inspection Authority:Intertek , SGS , BV , etc.
Reaction to Fire Classification :A2 , S1, d0, t0

Advanced Features of Alumstar Grade A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) :

Ø Fire-proof & Flame-retardant

Ø Green Environmental Protection

Ø Sound-insulation & Heat-insulation

Ø Excellent Anti-seismic & Quakeproof performance

Ø Water-proof & Moisture-proof

Ø Excellent mechnical property

Ø High intensity & Light weight

Ø Durable : Alumstar Grade A2 FR panel apply the polyeste(PE) and PVDF paints to be coated on the surface of antirust high strength aluminum plate, the paints from famous paint suppliers, such as Beckers, PPG, etc. Which endow Alumstar panel to own excellent characteristics of good glossiness, strong adhesion, excellent weather resistance, acid &alkali resistance, chalking resistance and ultraviolet ray ( UV) resistance. The PVDF coated Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP own a quality warranty periord around 20 years.

Ø Smooth surface & Precise dimension : Adopting multiple advanced equipments during the production. Strictly control the dimension precision, flatness and thickness. So that Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP has flat and perfect panel surface, the building decorated by Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP has one integrated mass outlook. Because of the rigidity of the Alumstar panel, so Alumstar panel can keep the flatness constant invariably.

Ø Elegant Appearance : Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP adopts Polyester (PE) and PVDF coating, there have various colors in solid and metallic colors, more than 30 kinds of standard colors can be chosen , also have special colors, such as wood grain and marble grain finish, mirror finish, brush finish, can be chosen, so Alumstar panel own luminous colors and excellent metal texture.

Ø Easy Fabrication : Alumstar Grade A2 FR ACP is fabricated easily, only use the fabrication tools of wood or metal plate to finalize all the processes of cutting, milling, grooving, folding, and curving, etc.

Ø Convenient Installation: Alumstar panel can use the traditional concealed fixation to install, groove and fold by the aluminum or steel keel structure. Also can be fixed by the rivets and screws, fixed by structure adhesive as well. Indoor prefabrication and outdoor installation can be done synchronously, thereby increasing production efficiency and shorten construction period.

Application of Alumstar Grade A2 FR Aluminum Composite Panel:

Exterior & Interior decoration for curtain wall of Office building, Star hotel, Government building, Pulic building,etc.
Interior & Exterior wall decoration of subway(metro) station, railway station, public bus station,etc.
Interior decoration for Nava ships and boats, Mail steamer,etc.
Interior decoration board for Bus,Trains, High-speed trains and multiple unit,

Elvator interior decoration .

Tunnel inteior decoration.

Fire-proof decoration wall of KTV, Hospital, Restaurant.

Packaging Detail:Wooden Pallet as Standard Export Package.
Delivery Detail:15 Days against the receipt of the advanced payment.