Electriccomputerized Toilet Bidet - LZ-0701

1 computerized toilet bidet, 2 Warm seat, 3 warm water, 4 Night light, 5 Roughing 300mm/400mm - details see: //www.buildingsupplieshub.com/electriccomputerized-toilet-bidet-10020377
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: GIZOModel Number: LZ-0701Installation Type: Floor Mounted
Drainage Pattern: P-Trap,S-TrapFlushing Method: Siphon FlushingToilet Bowl Material: CeramicToilet Bowl Shape: Elongated
bidet: Feminine washMassage wash: warm seat coverAnti-bacteria: Deodorizerautomatic open seat cover: dry wind
Electriccomputerized Toilet Bidet
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computerized toilet bidet

Feminine wash
Massage wash
warm seat cover

Warm water wash(Tempreture adjustable)

Heated seat(Tempreture adjustable)

Dryer (Tempreture adjustable)

Sensoring Cover

One-button operation

Automatic flush

Remote control

One-button power save

Automatically Select flushing preassure

Auto Volume Selection

FM Radio

Auto Lid

Sensor distance adjustment

Item No.:LZ-0701

1.Description:Siphonic one-piece toilet


3Slow down seat cover



6 Logo:As customers' requested.

7 Certification:ISO9000:2000

1.Rear wash
2.Feminine wash
3.Water filter
4.Self-cleaning nozzles
5.Anti-bacteria seat
7.Auto Flush(No usage for every 72 hours)
8.Heated water for wash(4 levels)
9.Heated seat(4-level adjustment)
10.Warm wind for dryer(4 levels)
11.Soft closing
12.Massage wash
13.Nozzle moves backward & forward for wash
14.Nozzle position adjustable
15.Water pressure adjustable
16.FM radio
17.Imitation flush
18.Auto lid
19.Night light
20.One-button operation
21Auto Flush
22.Easy operation
23.Easy installation
24.Power-saving mode
25.Auto activate to work when use
26.6L/4L flush(auto selection)
27.6L/4L flush(manual)
28.Sesor activation
29.Self-cleaning nozzles
30.Anti frozen(in winter)
31.Anti heating without water
32.Protection device(if temperature is abnormal)
33.Leakage protection
34.Auto Drainage
35.Voice alarm
36.Heater: 600W
37.Power: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

With its smooth and decent outline ,it reveals the spirituality from its stillness ,full of strong sense of technology and modernity .when you take a sight of it ,you will find you can’t help being greatly moved,the most interesting thing is that it willbring you the experiences of warmness ,neatness ,comfort,till then,you own feeling will tell you the right answer.

Feminine wash -take care of lady

Rear wash

warm seat ( 4level for adjustment)

warm water (4 levels for adjutment)

soft wind for dry

Packaging Detail:with foam,carton and wooden frame
Delivery Detail:20

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