clear tempered glass shower door - H-1

Tempered glass shower door, TAMGLASS tempered furnace, Polished edges glass door, Export to 20 country, CCC,meet EN/BS/NZS/ANSI - details see: //
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name: DFGModel Number: H-1Frame Style: Frameless
Glass Thickness: 10mmOpen Style: FoldingDFG tempered glass manufacturer: TAMGLASS tempered glassBuilding/Facade tempered glass: Furniture/Door tempered glass
Rough grinding edges: Polishing edgesHS glass under 8mm: 3-19mm tempered glassMinium size 100*250mm: Maximum size 2440*4800mm 
clear tempered glass shower door
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Dongfang glass co., ltd established in 1995, with more than 15 years processing experience.

Widely used for windows & doors, shower room, balustrade, pool fencing, skylight, furniture desktop, partition, solar panel, curtain wall, greenhouses, etc.

Tempered/toughened glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process in which the glass is heated till its softening point about 650 degrees and then quenching quickly to become Tempered glass or heat strengthened glass

Steps of Manufacturing

Step I
first and foremost the right glass combination is selected according to the clients' requirement. The choices are limitless, Clear, Tinted, low-e reflective.

Step II
The glass is then cut to size and then its edges are treated. Holes and cutouts are then drilled onto the glass. Then the glass is washed by deionized water and loaded onto the transportation bay of the furnace.

Step III
the glass is then transferred into the heating chamber of the tempering furnace. Here the glass is heated till its softening point

Step IV
The glass that comes out at the other end of the furnace is either a fully Tempered glass or heat strengthened glass depending upon the operating cycle set by the operator in accordance with the client's order


A fully Tempered glass is 3 to 5 times stronger than annealed glass of similar thickness. A fully Tempered glass is regarded as a safety glass and when it breaks it disintegrates into small blunt pieces/small oval-shaped pebbleswhich greatly reduce the chances of injuries

1)Strength- Fully low-e Tempered glass is generally 3 to 5 times stronger than annealed glass and twice as strong as heat strengthened glass of similar thickness, size and type. For fully Tempered glass the minimum surface compression is 10000 psi and for a heat strengthened glass is 4000-7000 psi for 6 mm glass.

2)Safety- When broken by impact, fully Tempered glass immediately disintegrates into small oval-shaped pebbles, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of cutting person

Properties of Tempered glassData
Density (Approximate)2.42-2.52 g/cm³
Tensile Strength120 to 200 N/sq.mm³
Compressive Strength1000 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity70Gpa
Coefficient of linear expansion9 x 10-6 m/Mk
U Value5.7W/m2°C for 6mm Tempered glass
SF for 6 mm clear81 %
SC of 6 mm clear0.93
VLT of 6 mm tempered glass87%

Clear Tempered glass thickness:

3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm


Clear, Ultra clear

Tinted, Grey, green, bronze, blue etc.

Reflective & low-e (including double silver low-e) etc.

Main Products we process:

a. Flat tempered/toughened glass

b. Curved tempered/toughened glass

c. Insulated glass

d. Tempered/toughened insulated glass

e. Laminated insulated glass

f. Tempered low-e insulated glass

g, Double silver low-e insulated glass

h, low-e insulated glass with TGI spacer

i. Silk screen printing glass

j. Frosted glass/land blasted glass, acid etched glass

k. Hot bent glass

Tempered glass safety corners

Holes for tempered glass door/balustrade

Non-fumigation wooden crates/Plywood crates

Production Capacity:

Product Line NameProduction Line CapacityActual Units Produced(Previous Year)
TAMGLASS for flat

Glaston for flat

Northglass for curved

360,000 SQM/Year

720,000 SQM/Year

360,000 SQM/Year

280,000 SQM

Operation in 2012

Operation in 2012

Production Machinery:

Machine NameBrand & Model No.QuantityNumber of Year(s) UsedCondition
Cutting machineLisec25Exceptional
Edge grinding machine

Edge process machine









Drilling machineIvaco45.0Exceptional
Tempered furnace

Tempered furnace


North glass







Production Flow:


Edge finishing



Three factories view:

Packaging Detail:Non-fumigation wooden crates, seaworthy crates
Delivery Detail:Usually 10-15 days, depends on your quantity

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